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Large eddy simulation predictions of mixing enhancement for jets in cross-flows. Subsonic Turbulent Jets. Instability mechanisms in swirling flows.

Shear Stress Calcuation and Profile for I-beam Example - Mechanics of Materials

Direct numerical simulation of nanoparticle coagulation in a temporal mixing layer via a moment method. An experimental study of spray mixing in a direct injection engine. Investigation of the cylinder separated shear-layer physics by large-eddy simulation. On harmonic perturbations in a turbulent mixing layer.

Study on the fuel air mixing induced by a shock wave propagating into A H2-air interface.

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Entrainment due to a thermal impinging on a stratified interface with and without buoyancy reversal. A new control strategy of the mixing in two-dimensional jets. A trigger mechanism for the Lake Nyos disaster. Fluid turbulence. Fluid Turbulence. Turbulent Two-Dimensional Shear Flows. The effect of Schmidt Number on Stratified Entrainment. Numerical investigation of the unsteady behavior of supersonic plane wakes. Laboratory simulations of radiatively induced entrainment in stratiform clouds.

Features and efficiency of interphase heat and mass transfer with a pulsation organization of the process. Linear-eddy subgrid model for reacting large-eddy simulations - Heat release effects. Development of structure within the turbulent wake of a porous body. The initial formation region. Experiment and prediction of a cavity type separated flow. A volumetrically heated jet: large-eddy structure and entrainment characteristics.

Structure of coherent instabilities in a supersonic shear layer.


Dissipation scale and control of fine-scale turbulence in a plane mixing layer. Evolution of patterns of streamwise vorticity in the turbulent near wake of a circular cylinder. Numerical simulations of transitional axisymmetric coaxial jets. Subgrid modeling for reacting large eddy simulations.

Hahn, G. Herglotz and K. Compressibility effects and mixing enhancement in turbulent free shear flows.

A model of non-equilibrium turbulence with an asymmetric stress. Application to the problems of thermal convection. Measurements of compressible turbulent flow structure in a supersonic mixing layer. Relaxation of 2D Turbulence to Vortex Crystals. Steady compressible vortex flows: the hollow-core vortex array. Unstructured grid simulations of spatially evolving supersonic shear layers.

The structure of turbulent shear flow /

On the equilibrium and stability of a row of point vortices. Implementation of a 3D mixing layer code on parallel computers. Mixing dynamics of jet interaction with a sharp density interface. The formation mechanism and shedding frequency of vortices from a sphere in uniform shear flow.

Vorticity-based eduction of large-scale structures in turbulent shear flows. Entrainment and evaporation of drops in the laminar part of a two-dimensional developing mixing layer. Vortex Element Methods for Flow Simulation. Mixing and chemical reactions a tutorial. Unsteady, Wall-Bounded Turbulent Flows. Coherent Structures in Turbulent Jets. Vortex simulation of turbulent mixing layers.

Dynamics of a coflowing round liquid jet in a Mach 1. Dynamics of Gaseous Combustion. The structure of a turbulent free shear layer in a rotating fluid.

The structure of turbulent shear flow - Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB)

Sonic eddy - A model for compressible turbulence. A physical simulation model for turbulent mixing layer combustion. Influence of the Coanda effect on color Doppler jet area and color encoding. In vitro studies using color Doppler flow mapping. Holographic particle velocimetry: a 3D measurement technique for vortex interactions, coherent structures and turbulence. Subharmonic excitation of the shear layer between two ribs - Vortex interaction and pressure field. Turbulent stratified interfaces. Calculation of divergent channel flows with a multiple-time-scale turbulence model.

On linear evolution of unstable disturbances in a plane turbulent wake. Hydrogen bubble visualization of a sheared density interface. Combustor performance enhancement through direct shear layer excitation. Effect of compliance mismatch on flow disturbances in a model of an arterial graft replacement.

The effect of Mach number on the stability of a plane supersonic wake. Laboratory experiments on the cloud-top entrainment instability. An experimental investigation of the turbulent structure in a two-dimensional momentumless wake. The sonic eddy - A model for compressible turbulence. Acoustics and experimental methods: The influence of sound on flow and heat transfer. Vortex simulation of spatially growing three-dimensional mixing layers. Three-dimensionality of organized structures in a plane turbulent wake. Effects of a downstream disturbance on the structure of a turbulent plane mixing layer.

Three dimensional vortex simulation of entrainment augmentation due to streamwise structures. Model-free simulations of turbulent reactive flows. Pattern-recognition analysis of the velocity field in plane turbulent wakes. Lattice gas experiments on a non-exothermic diffusion flame in a vortex field. Momentum transport in a turbulent mixing layer. Erosional furrows formed during the lateral blast at Mount St.

Effect of multifrequency forcing on the near-field development of a jet.

The statistics of the organized vortical structure in turbulent mixing layers. Topology of the vorticity field in three-dimensional shear layers and wakes. Coherent structure in the turbulent wake behind a circular cylinder. Morphological structures produced by mixing in chaotic flows. Flow structure from an oscillating cylinder Part 1.

Mechanisms of phase shift and recovery in the near wake.

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Experimental and numerical investigation of the three-dimensional transition in plane wakes. Large structure in the far wakes of two-dimensional bluff bodies. On vortex formation from a cylinder. The initial instability. Simulation of free boundaries in flow systems by lattice-gas models. On the formation of streamwise vorticity in turbulent shear flows.

Coherent Structures: Their Measurements and Applications. Particle mixing in free shear flows. Turbulent Mixing in Accelerating Jets. On the decomposition of turbulent flow fields for the analysis of coherent structures. Coherent large-scale structures in high Reynolds number supersonic jets. Liquid-fueled supersonic combustion ramjets - A research perspective.

Control of the discrete vortices from a delta wing. Behavior of low buoyancy jets in a linearly stratified fluid. Numerical experiments on turbulent flow using the random vortex method.