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The art of meditation at work

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Alan Watts and the art of meditation

Read more Read less. Share with friends. Map and Directions View Map. Save This Event Log in or sign up for Eventbrite to save events you're interested in. What the heck are beta waves? Why would you want to decrease that? Because most of the information your brain processes is useless junk, a bunch of noise preventing you from focusing on things you actually want to focus on. One of the most immediate benefits of calming down the beta wave cacophony is an increased ability to focus.

Researchers found that a mere 20 minutes a day, four times a week made a significant difference in terms of ability to focus. And meditation has a cumulative effect to it, so you can imagine what 20 minutes every day will do for you.

One of the more interesting things we know about meditation is that it makes you need less sleep. The study was done on people who just started meditating, not on those who have practiced for years. However, what the study found is that 40 minutes of meditation can be a better means of resting than 40 minutes of sleeping. Keep that in mind next time you run off for 40 winks in the middle of a work day.

A study conducted in found that those who meditate regularly are more perceptive than those who do not. In short, the researchers found that meditation practitioners needed a shorter period of time to register and recognize stimuli than their non-meditating counterparts. Want a bigger brain? Researchers at Harvard found out that meditation will help your brain to grow bigger by increasing your gray matter. For now, however, we know that meditation is scientifically proven to increase the mass of your brain.

Not bad, right? Being a little — or even a lot — more compassionate can make you a more empathetic friend, partner, and leader. Meditation can help to cultivate that sensitivity.

Americans Jump On The Mindfulness Bandwagon

The same study that found meditation increased compassion also found that it helped with rapid memory recall. For the entrepreneur or creative professional, creativity is an absolute must. As you probably guessed, meditation is going to help you increase your creativity. Researchers at Leiden University in The Netherlands found that certain forms of meditation open up your mind to new ideas.

What it means is that your internal censor is less active after certain forms of meditation, allowing you to fully realize ideas that you might otherwise shut down before they fully blossom. One way you can do this is just by blocking it out on your schedule. Meditation has a number of proven benefits, but the biggest one is just having a greater mastery over your mind. Just like your muscles need exercise, so do your focus and concentration. This figure shows the differential functional connectivity with the mPFC region and left posterior insula is shown in meditators vs controls: A at baseline and B during meditation.

Why a decrease in activity in the part of the brain involved in self-referential processing and daydreaming is beneficial may not be immediately intuitive. Most people spend a great deal of time allowing their minds to wander since it usually seems more enjoyable than writing papers, crunching numbers, or listening during class. Not surprisingly, when their minds wandered toward negative things, they were less happy, but when daydreaming about positive things, they were actually no happier than when thinking about their current task.

Meditation | The Art of Living

Meditation, however, does not only have emotional benefits. A growing body of evidence suggests that mindfulness training can help anxiety, chronic pain, addictions, and other disorders, but exactly how meditation affects these conditions is still unknown. This research supports the role that meditation can play in the clinic.

Cosmic Sounds - Meditate to Transcend - Guided Meditation By Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

But at the same time, it can be used when people already have these disorders. Meditation was able to help these individuals quit smoking when all other methods failed. His recent discovery of functional changes in the brains of experienced meditators is a starting point down a longer road of determining the biological changes associated with meditation; Brewer says:.

The fMRI machine uses magnetic resonance to determine the amount of oxygen usage in the brain. Higher oxygen levels correlate to higher activity of that area of the brain. Courtesy of Wikipedia.

The future for clinical meditation seems bright. Indeed, it is remarkable to observe that cutting-edge techniques are confirming what certain cultures have practiced for thousands of years. If you are interested in getting involved with meditation, there are many easy ways to get started. Joining a local meditation group is also a common way to begin. Beginners are given instruction and guided meditation, and the session ends with a discussion about meditative practices.

Stick with it.

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