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Haggard explained that while the Developmental State is a concept generally associated with the East Asian countries, that is not to say these particular conditions have not been seen elsewhere. In fact, almost all the developed countries who have experienced comparable growth have relied upon similar synergies between the state and the market. None more so than the United States, who, thanks in large part to the ideas of former Founding Father, now star of Broadway — Alexander Hamilton — relied heavily on state involvement e.

This raises the question: is it possible for developmental states to exist today? Prior to this he spent five years working as a consultant specialising in financial crime. His primary research interests are in the role of education and agriculture in development, with a particular focus on East Africa. Even though the end goal or target is clear i. With the battle lines drawn, it is clear where Professor Stephan Haggard stands; he belongs to the long tradition that stretches back to List, Schmoller and Gerschenkron who argue in favour of state intervention.

Global public policy and development policy are still within the choke hold of neoliberalism and the policy instruments that serve it, mainly the Washington Consensus. This ideological capture serves no one but the few Davos-attending elites and corporations who benefit from this paradigm, both politically and economically.

Considering the devastation that the neoliberal and Washington Consensus crusade have caused on their march through territories around the world especially in sub-Saharan Africa during Structural Adjustment Programmes and later leading the North Atlantic region into a Financial Crisis , one should think the time is ripe to bury this ideology and write its obituary. But no. Finally, since the coordination problems of Ghana would be different from the coordination problems of Venezuela, Nigeria or Rwanda, it is worth stressing that developmental-state is not a one-size-fits-all model.

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