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In , Professor Corriu started his academic career and later, in , he became the chair of Molecular Chemistry at the Institut Universitaire de France.

1. Introduction

He was awarded the SUE Award? Professor Corriu has published over papers including about 80 reviews or chapters of books. He also has a patent application for a method for preparing organic-inorganic hybrid materials with controlled porosity and functionality for separating gases and is the editor of two books.

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First published: 3 March About this book Presenting the wide range of synthetic possibilities opened by sol-gel processes in the field of organic-inorganic materials, Molecular Chemistry of Sol-Gel Derived Nanomaterials discusses the state of the art in the synthesis of the various nanomaterials. The text includes examples of applications, including photoluminescent nanocomposites, grafted nanomaterials for selective separations of ions or isotopes, for cascade syntheses, chelation of transition metals and lanthanides by lamellar structured nanomaterials, and immobilized enzymes on mesoporous nanomaterials.

This indispensable text for graduate students, engineers, and scientists concludes with a look toward future developments. Reviews "The authors argue convincingly in their preface that nanotechnology should not be associated exclusively with miniaturization and physics. The obtained cobalt ferrite was …. In a world where conventional sources of energy are fast depleting, the quest for alternative energy sources may hold the key for the survival of humanity.

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In the present work, we have tried to generate energy from perovskite-based solar cells. A novel approach for fabricating one, two, and three-dimensional hybrid ZnO and Cu2O nanostructures has been developed.

We have controlled the thickness of hybrid ZnO nanosheets to reach nanoscale at room temperature. The ability of engineering …. The rapid pace of industrialization even in under-developed countries is intensifying the problem of pollution. It is a healthy sign, however, that industries are now realizing and accepting their responsibilities for the treatment of such wastes ….

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Latent heat storage with inorganic salts as phase change materials PCM is very attractive as these compounds can store a large amount of heat within a small temperature range in a small volume. However, subcooling, phase segregation, and low …. In this work, we fabricated copper supported on hollow silica—alumina composite spheres for catalytic decomposition of nitrous oxide.

The copper supported on the hollow spheres was obtained by impregnation of the active copper species on the …. Water soluble non-peripheral and peripheral zinc II -phthalocyanine compounds; namely …. In search for improvement in synthesizing the nanoparticles, specifically for rare earth-transition metals Re-Tm , Pechini method was employed followed by thermal oxidation process.

Sol-Gel-Derived Silicon-Containing Hybrids

The SmCo nanoplates were formed due to a reduction—diffusion …. The cobalt-substituted copper zinc ferrite Cu0.

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