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I think everyone believed that could translate tremendously into what an NBA coach has to be. And he always looks to build everyone he works with up. And build their confidence and have their backs. I experienced it, being in an organization with him. Just imagining how that would translate into an NBA locker room seemed like a pretty cool formula. He hung for a few days. He was so humble about it. He was just wide open and receptive and taking notes and grabbing things and talking to people. He waited a few months to unveil them to the team, however: he wanted to win their trust before hitting them with stuff that can be construed as motivational mumbo-jumbo.

I have joy! Ribbing, in fact, became an essential part of the Golden State program. In his upcoming memoir, The Sixth Man , Warriors forward Andre Iguodala recalls a team-building exercise in which players were asked to recall the moments in a game during which they felt the highest. That was your best moment?

He recalls attending a summer league practice in Las Vegas soon after he took the Warriors job. During an interview in an Oracle Arena back room before Game 6 of the Finals, I asked Lacob if he regretted that comment. Well, the results — three titles in four years at the time, three titles in five years now, but still — speak for themselves.

I believe in the strategy that we have. I believe in our management team, which I think is the best in the business.

Neal Barrett, Jr: Interstate Dreams - an infinity plus review

And so you know I meant it in a bit of hyperbole. So if you ask me the question do I believe it?

But I say that not to put down other teams. According to Kerr, nothing less than the fate of the republic is at risk. We face this global warming disaster in the next few decades where stuff is already happening climate-wise. In California we deal with wildfires, used to be pretty much September and October, now it can be year-round. Hurricanes, flooding, you look at the flooding in the Midwest. Deficit climbing higher then ever that our kids will inherit. The insanity of it all … These patterns are forming that historically have been corrosive towards democracy and towards human advancement.

And everything that Trump is doing right now, we need to be doing the exact opposite. Not even 48 hours earlier, Kerr watched in disbelief from the sideline in Toronto as Durant, who rehabbed for five weeks in order to make his return to the playoffs from a calf injury, went down in Game 5, this time with a torn Achilles.

Durant had scored 11 points, on shooting from long range, during his 12 minutes on the floor. So there goes the rest of the series. At halftime, Kerr heard that Durant may have actually torn his Achilles. His mood immediately darkened. So a combination of devastation for him, and for our team, and dread for the way it all unfolded. You gather all the information you can, you check all the boxes, and you try to make the best decision.

And then you do, then this happens, like, my God. So I feel partly responsible, even though our process was sound. You can never be sure of anything. It included our team doctors, even outside doctors, second opinions.


Interstate Dreams (Unabridged)

Everybody cleared him to play. And nobody thought that the Achilles was vulnerable. So we gathered all the information we could and collaboratively made that decision. Halftime at Game 5 was a somber scene. Thompson had 30 points in Game 6, but landed awkwardly on a dunk attempt near the end of the third quarter.

Now the scene shifts from Oakland to San Francisco. The new arena is going to have a lot of techies. The blue collar guy is not going to be going to the Chase Center. I feel like this team in particular has that Oakland ethos, that grit, that grind, that hustle and that humility, that teamwork. And I just hope when the team moves to San Francisco, they keep a little bit of that Oakland in them. The practice court will host camps and clinics. But I also know that a lot of fans, actually the reality is live all over the Bay Area. Half of them are on the West Bay. Half of them are on the East Bay.

And in fact, they come from Monterey, and from Marin, and all over the Bay Area. Or the driver of your own car. We are all on a journey of life — en route to somewhere. In dreams, we often choose the mode of transportation, we would choose in real life like bus, train, ferry, car, airplane, bike etc.

Dreaming about being on a bus can therefore mean several things. As mentioned — if you dream that you are on a bus, it may symbolize that you live your life in an attempt to fit in. You go with the flow and would rather not stand out too much. If this is a recurring dream, then there is a good reason to take a closer look at it. Additionally, you can dream that you are late for the bus, and that you struggle to catch it. In other words, you are struggling persistently — and unsuccessfully — in order to adapt to the demands of the world.

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Such a dram can once again be an invitation to stop and ask yourself what you want in your life. A crowded bus in a dream can therefore be an image of an extreme sense of competition in the course of life or career , you have chosen. A bus in a dream as transport bringing you from A to B. Your bus journey can also simply be a symbol of you moving from A to B in your life. In this way, you can dream that you catch a bus going in the wrong direction — that is to say, your life is going in the wrong direction or that parts of you want to go in one direction and others want to go in another, and you experience inner conflict.

Have you had a dream about riding a bus? Please share your experience in the comments below unfortunately, I have decided to no longer help out via the comments below — I simply get too many requests every day — on this blogpost, and the many other blogposts. It is not a certainty that the interpretations above are relevant to you.

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  • What does it mean to dream about riding a bus (dream interpretation bus)?

What this mean. Hi Niezel — thank you for your comment and highly interesting dream! Where in my life am I being left out negative angle or going my own way positive angle? Best regards — Michael.

Hi Rose — very interesting dream! And what kind of people are influencing you on your life journey?

Interstate Dreams (Unabridged)

Yesterday I dreamt that I was driving an older, normal-sized yellow with black stripe school bus. I must have driven in one direction, but on the return trip, still no people inside, I was driving a newer model school bus. I drove across a major 4-lane intersection until the bus stalled, at which time I got out of the bus and dragged it, by myself, across the rest of the intersection. Any thoughts? I recently had my 86 year young mother come to stay with me from overseas and she returned home a week ago, but the bus ride in the dream happened in a place where I grew up.

Even though there was a problem in the dream it was a happy one. My dream. All of the passengers were seated, my mother sat between the window and me I kept my bag clear of the aisle while she placed hers at her feet and partly under her seat as the driver hopped on opened the drivers low door and slid into his seat. Most of the passengers smiled at his happy go lucky attitude. As the bus started up he apologised for his lateness reminding us that those already on could pay as they got off.

Let me have a look, he grinned, yes I will remember you all, he said after a quick glance along the rows before returning back to the driving wheel singing some song I had never heard of but which made my mother snigger. I move into the aisle as she budged along the seat with her handbag and several other bags.

Mama Mia he called back smiling, his hands in the air, hurry hurry he laughed as I brushed through the aisle toward the doors.

  • What does it mean to dream about riding a bus (dream interpretation bus) - Michael R Olsen!
  • What does it mean to dream about riding a bus (dream interpretation bus).
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