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By Charles D. By Thomas Jefferson.

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By Allen C. By Thomas Paine. By Richard Hofstadter. By Theodore Roosevelt. By Norma Elizabeth. By Hayward Cirker. By Eric Sloane. By Richard Taylor. By Rebecca Stark. By Laurence Leamer. By Ronald W. By Tom Jewett. By Harry Knill. By Nancy Disher Baird. By Robin R. By Mary Rowlandson. By Landon Y. By Sean Stewart. By Alexander Hamilton. By Gary McCarthy. By Colonial Dames of America. By Taylor Branch.

By Lynn Gordon. By Sarah Bradford. By Bernard Devoto. By John Hudson Tiner. By Damien Dematra. By Dixie Boyle. By Percy Bennington. By Melton A.

By Helen Stringer. By Jason Fulford. By George Washington. By Linda Brent. By Charles River Editors.

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Home Books History. Items Per Page: 15 30 60 Year Newest Pub. Items - of Check box to include out-of-stock items. View: Grid List. New York City - what a city! What a history! If it happened anywhere in American history, it probably happened in New York.

is for Students.

Reading the history of this city is both fascinating and exciting; as if watching the people and the events that traveled through the region, and across the years. This brief look at the history will use an annotated timeline and a variety of pictures to bring the history of this fascinating city to life. Who is sovereign in the United States? This is the central question of the gun control debate. David Kopel explains why the right to keep and bear arms has always been central to the American identity, and why Americans have resisted gun control. The American Revolution was sparked by British attempts to confiscate guns.

When Hitler and Stalin demonstrated how gun registration paves the way for gun confiscation which paves the way for genocide, Americans resolved to make sure it never happens here. Gun control is not an issue of left vs.

Historical Context: Was Slavery the Engine of American Economic Growth?

Liberal icons such as Hubert Humphrey and Eleanor Roosevelt recognized the right to arms as fundamental to preventing large-scale tyranny by criminal governments, and small-scale tyranny by ordinary criminals. Barack Obama's gun control program is founded on disinformation, and is a direct assault on the Constitution. California By J. The violent and passionate story of American's REvolution and the man whose words forged a nation.

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  8. Historical fiction at its zenith. Offers an inside account of the workings of the Reagan administration and of the President's relationship with his elder daughter, presenting many never-before-published anecdotes about the president. The author describes the wild beauty as well as the physical and psychological hardships involved in spending a winter in a remote Montana valley of thirty inhabitants, the last valley in the state without electricity. The acclaimed memoir by the Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist The Yearling , first published in The book recounts her experiences in the remote Florida hamlet of Cross Creek, where she lived for thirteen years, inscribing her tireless determination to overcome the challenges of her adopted home in the Florida backcountry, her deep-rooted love of the earth, and her genius for character and description.

    Favorites-from the Pension Applications By A. Collection of some of our favorites. He was wounded several times and was in some of the major battles. His son received a pension, fraudulently, and hired a Fort Plain Attorney to represent him. John Winn—A capable leader who accidently killed one of the men under his command.

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    Sarah Osborn—Sarah is a survivor. She went to war with her husband, bore children and cooked, did laundry and serviced the five or so men assigned to her. She lived to be over years.

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    Her descriptions of events and the men are priceless. Henry Myers.

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    Johnsville, but on the south side of the Mohawk River. Henry Cool—As you read this pension you might wonder why he made such a point of claiming he was a good and faithful soldier; and then where he was for the rest of the war. Joseph DeLong—This poor sod seems to have misplaced a wife. A collection of articles and essays written in the aftermath of September 11, , looks at the terrorist attack, the war on terrorism, and their significance in terms of wide-ranging historical, social, and cultural context.

    Memorable speeches, moving letters, and key reports are among the vital documents in this collection of historic records from the American Civil War. Even the most dedicated history buffs may find something new in this compendium, which ranges from familiar items such as the Gettysburg Address to private reflections that include Stonewall Jackson's message to his wife after the Battle of First Manassas and excerpts from the diary of a Confederate soldier at the siege of Vicksburg. Lee's farewell to the Army of Northern Virginia; and an eyewitness account of the clash between the Monitor and Merrimack.

    Selections by commanding officers from both sides of the Mason-Dixon line include Ulysses S. These and other documents offer students of American history and Civil War devotees a wealth of essential reading in a compact, modestly priced anthology. Dover original publication.

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    Robin Morgan has written an accessible, eye-opening primer and reference tool, revealing what the Founding Fathers and other leading Americans really believed - in their own words. Rescuing them from being seen aspompous old men in powdered wigs, Morgan unconceals them as the radicals and revolutionaries they truly were. Essays by the Nobel laureate in poetry advances the view that Western man has undergone a change in priorities, which has resulted in civil and moral chaos. James Lovell. They are Eagle Scouts, and throughout our country's history they have earned a reputation for service, virtue and leadership.

    Alvin Townley set off on a roadtrip to hear the stories of these Eagle Scouts, and the result is'Legacy of Honor,' a collection of character, courage, and inspiration. An exploration of Daniel Burnham's Plan of Chicago, which proposed many of the city's most distinctive features, reveals its central role in shaping the ways people have envisioned the cityscape and urban life. Discusses the ideological breakdown of the Republican Party, its failure to diminish the deficit or the size of government in twelve years of control, and outlines a plan for renewal.