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How I got an A* in A Level Chemistry. (many tears later...) -- Revision Tips, Advice and Resources

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Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry Coursebook with CD-ROM

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The workbook contains help for teachers setting up practical investigations in the classroom. Practice questions give students the chance to test their knowledge and help build confidence in preparation for assessment. Enter your name: optional.

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About the CIE section. Because of the difficult conditions under which some CIE Cambridge International students and teachers are working, I decided it would be useful to provide a lot more help than I would normally give for a single syllabus.

Book Preface

The whole of this part of Chemguide is organised in CIE syllabus order, and I have tried to make sure that every single point on the syllabus is covered in a way which is relevant to the CIE exams. The CIE section was originally a part of the main Chemguide site, but I decided it would make things simpler in the future to give it a separate site of its own linked back to Chemguide.

Cambridge International AS & A Level Chemistry Practical Workbook

If you are a long-term user of the site, you shouldn't notice any difference from before, but if I have got anything wrong and something doesn't work properly, please let my know immediately at:. There are quite a few places where it wasn't obvious exactly what CIE wanted, and I have said that I will come back and look at these again in the light of future exam questions.

I will try to do this, but there are about syllabus statements in total, and it will be easy to miss things. If you are a student , please don't get in touch to ask questions!