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Medical vocabulary: What does Calixarenes mean

For this aim, inclusion-extraction parameters of four p-tert -calix[4]arene derivatives sulfonamide moieties previously synthesized were investigated. Analysis by a gas chromatograph revealed that under the optimized operating condition, the preconcentration of dioxin was improved and the method achieved lower limit of detections. Keywords : nano-basket; dioxin; inclusion; calixarene; emulsion liquid membrane.

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Calixarenes as sensor materials for recognition and separation of metal ions

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Calixarenes for Separations (ACS Symposium Series)

First glimpse at a calixarene clathrate. Jonathan W. This article is part of the themed collection: Viewpoints.


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Calixarenes for Separations by Gregg J. Lumetta, Robin D. Rogers, Aravamudan S. Gopalan -

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