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The Whitechapel Fiend. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Most of them—like the prom, for example—seemed silly to me. There was only one human experience I worried about missing. Of course it would be the one he wished I would forget completely. Here was the thing, though. For several years, my biggest personality trait was going to be thirsty. It would take some time before I could be me again. And even when I was in control of myself, I would never feel exactly the way I felt now. Human… and passionately in love. I wanted the complete experience before I traded in my warm, breakable, pheromone- riddled body for something beautiful, strong… and unknown.

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I wanted a real honeymoon with Edward. I was only vaguely aware of Alice and the slip and slide of satin over my skin. I was with Edward in my happy place. I can stay.

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Sometimes it was so easy to forget that I was kissing a vampire. Not because he seemed ordinary or human—I could never for a second forget that I was holding someone more angel than man in my arms—but because he made it seem like nothing at all to have his lips against my lips, my face, my throat. He claimed he was long past the temptation my blood used to be for him, that the idea of losing me had cured him of any desire for it.

But I knew the smell of my blood still caused him pain—still burned his throat like he was inhaling flames. I opened my eyes and found his open, too, staring at my face. It made no sense when he looked at me that way. Like I was the prize rather than the outrageously lucky winner. Our gazes locked for a moment; his golden eyes were so deep that I imagined I could see all the way into his soul. It seemed silly that this fact—the existence of his soul— had ever been in question, even if he was a vampire.

He had the most beautiful soul, more beautiful than his brilliant mind or his incomparable face or his glorious body. He looked back at me as if he could see my soul, too, and as if he liked what he saw. Who knew why—some strange glitch in my brain that made it immune to all the extraordinary and frightening things some immortals could do. But I was seriously grateful to whatever malfunction it was that kept my thoughts a secret.

It was just too embarrassing to consider the alternative. I pulled his face to mine again. You have to go. His cool hands stroked my face. This was pretty close to my happy place. Charlie slept obliviously in his room, which was almost as good as being alone. We were curled up on my small bed, intertwined as much as it was possible, considering the thick afghan I was swathed in like a cocoon.

I hated the necessity of the blanket, but it sort of ruined the romance when my teeth started chattering. Charlie would notice if I turned the heat on in August. I never got over the shock of how perfect his body was—white, cool, and polished as marble.

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I ran my hand down his stone chest now, tracing across the flat planes of his stomach, just marveling. A light shudder rippled through him, and his mouth found mine again. Carefully, I let the tip of my tongue press against his glass-smooth lip, and he sighed.

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His sweet breath washed—cold and delicious—over my face. He started to pull away—that was his automatic response whenever he decided things had gone too far, his reflex reaction whenever he most wanted to keep going. Edward had spent most of his life rejecting any kind of physical gratification. I knew it was terrifying to him trying to change those habits now. I kicked one leg free and wrapped it around his waist. Have you slept at all in the last month? The gold in his eyes seemed to harden from a liquid to a solid.

I thought over my words, realized what he would have heard in them. Not after insisting I marry him first. Worrying, always worrying. What would he do with all his free time? No second thoughts? The rest I can live through. Oh, Mike! How will I go on? I laughed but then was serious. I know it will be hard, but this is what I want. I want you, and I want you forever.

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One lifetime is simply not enough for me. And he thought you were… pregnant? That we had that kind of potential. I hate taking that away from you, too. Look at my mother, look at my sister. I want to give you things, not take things away from you. Now stop. Maybe you need a bachelor party.